Wake Forest Dance Festival

Art of dance

The annual dance festival, which has been held since 2017 in the cozy town of Wake Forest, located in the US state of North Carolina.

The purpose of the festival is to show the modern American community the art of dance, thus involving young people in the self-development of art education through creativity.

The festival is annually visited by outstanding national and international dancers and creative people.

It is founded entirely on a charitable basis and at the expense of sponsors and is free for all visitors.

Charitable Purpose

This is the first charity project of our agency, which agreed to assist in helping the development of art education.

We are always happy to help free of charge organizations that contribute to the development of creativity, personality and art in general on a charitable basis.

Goal to be achieved

Festival organizers asked us to help develop a logo, slogan, branding, website design and to create sophisticated images.

Result as efficiency

At the heart of it all, we put art as it is - simple, unlimited, clear and accessible.

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Feedback that is noteworthy

Many thanks to our compatriots from Ukraine who responded to help in creating this amazing project. We are sincerely grateful to the wonderful team of Graphicoms Creative Agency for this miracle that they realized. With great respect to all!

Masha Dashkina Maddux

Founder/Artistic Director

Wake Forest Dance Festival

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