Ukraine Oil & Gas Industry Guide 2021

Goal to be achieved

The Association of Gas Producers of Ukraine has applied to our agency to develop an investment Playbook for the oil and gas sector of Ukraine.

Ukraine Oil & Gas Industry Guide 2021 – a unique analytical guide for international investors, which among the other advantages introduces Ukraine’s Oil&Gas sector and available investment opportunities. The Guide consists of analytical information about domestic Oil & Gas sector, legislative, tax and fiscal policies in the industry, reforms carried about over the last 5 years. Moreover, it outlines investment opportunities in Oil & Gas projects both onshore and on the Black Sea Shelf.

Investment as attractiveness

The development and design of the guide was performed according to the brand book of the association developed by our agency. Since it has additional Ukrainian national colors, there was no need to invent something new :)

Ukraine Oil & Gas Industry Guide 2021

Ukraine Oil & Gas Industry Guide 2021 has been developed by experts of the Association of Gas Producers of Ukraine, Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, Naftogaz Group, Ukrainian Geological Survey, law firm CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang and government’s investment promotion agency UkraineInvest.

Result as efficiency

Three weeks of painstaking work, 78 pages of layout. More than 40 graphs, tables and maps. But Graphicoms Creative Agency is never afraid to take on serious projects.

We are sure that even more investors in the international market will be interested in the minimalist, concise and clearly designed guidebook design.

You can see the whole Ukraine Oil & Gas Industry Guide 2021 here.

Feedback that is noteworthy

There is a very cool team at Graphicoms. It is simply unrealistic to make our Playbook of such a high quality and so fast. Thank you very much for your fruitful cooperation!

Artem Petrenko


Association of Gas Producers of Ukraine

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