Rebranding Unigran

Goal to be achieved

Unigran asked our agency to make rebranding for their company, moving away from the old concept that has existed for over 10 years.

Unigran Group is a leading national mining company for the production and sale of granite products, building materials and explosives. To see the Unigran corporate website created by our agency click here.

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Close to nature

We were inspired to change corporate colors by the field of activity of Unigran - mining. Namely, the natural resources that are on our earth. The old colors, black and red, we replaced with graphite, as a reflection of granite, and green with a hint of the sea, as a reflection of nature. Also, we added a yellow color indicating that Unigran is a national producer.

The new slogan - Quality confirmed by experience - replaced the old one - Quality in stone. We wanted to emphasize the experience of the Unigran Group in the mining industry, as it directly affects the quality of products manufactured at the company's plants.

Quality confirmed by experience

Development of the logo was not easy, because the task was to combine the symbols of fertility and prosperity of Trypillia culture with the company's field of activity. But we did it by adding another energy symbol, the so-called factorial. All this, in combination, gave us the personification of a friendly and at the same time stylish and independent symbol of the Unigran group of companies.

For holiday and corporate events, we have proposed and developed a special free style logo. Used for casual style in corporate clothing and souvenirs.

Result as efficiency

The rebranding of Unigran turned out to be surprisingly beautiful and harmonious. We have updated corporate clothing, souvenirs and rebranded the company's fleet. Presented and implemented billboards and internal motivational stories. Started the engine of change that will bring Unigran to a significantly new level.

Feedback that is noteworthy

Being first to make the world a better place is our vision, and creative agency Graphicoms has fully incorporated it into the company's new rebranding concept. I am sincerely grateful to them for their understanding and professionalism.

Sergii Dinyak



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