Rebranding theXATA

Goal to be achieved

Rebrand theXATA online store. Make the brand brighter, expressive and unforgettable.

TheXATA online store has been filling the interiors of its customers with bright and individual furniture, decor and light since 2013. Is one of the leading stores for the supply of furniture with unsurpassed design.

Seldom seen, soon forgotten

That's how we changed theXATA brand. From rural modernism to the capital's art house. Taking away everything superfluous and forgetting the past, we inspired him with bright colors and a new brand.

Each part of it - is a separate square meter of your apartment, office, restaurant, cafe, that you want to improve.

Brand that is becoming iconic

Added a delicacy in the form of an updated slogan, which lives an independent life and expresses the essence of the online store theXATA - bright furniture, juicy solutions.

Because everyone wants to have a bright and juicy corner in their world.

Result as efficiency

Perhaps the most striking brand that we have ever created by our agency.

All the perfection in one solution - a bright pattern - which embodies the brand theXATA.

Feedback that is noteworthy

Well, just cool! No words! Right on target!

Rostyslav Makarenko



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