Rebranding Get Drive

Goal to be achieved

Rebranding the drive centre Get Drive. To attract new customers and update the visual presentation, make the brand more modern and visually loud. Design and identity should be minimalist.

Get Drive is a world of extreme and unforgettable emotions. Here you can: ride a buggy, jeep, ATV, play paintball, or fly in a hot air balloon or plane.

Test yourself

This slogan is a reflection of all the services of the Center Drive Get Drive and display of your maximum.

Extreme, drive, adrenaline - all this is achieved through the search for where your limit is.

Bright emotions against the background of self-testing, this is exactly what Get Drive offers. And all you have to do is test yourself.

Thirst for adventure

The pilot in the racer's suit became, so to speak, the symbol and new face of the Get Drive brand.

Each of us strives to feel adrenaline in the blood, incredible emotions, and only pilots, like no one else, are closer to this feeling every day.

Result as efficiency

Simplicity, conciseness, brightness - all this is combined in the rebranding of the Get Drive brand. The use of a black and yellow color palette gave Get Drive elements of appeal and volume.

The Drive Center now has a new face that has brought it new customers and expanded its target audience.

Feedback that is noteworthy

The result exceeded expectations - stylish, modern, in step with the times. It is very nice that we have such cool professionals in the country! Thanks Graphicoms!

Vadym Butenko


Get Drive

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