Online shop Brezzo

Goal to be achieved

Develop an online store for the National brand of premium diapers Brezzo. With a light and at the same time bright design that would create comfortable and simple conditions for moms and dads when ordering products. Also, it would have a nice and delicate look for a pleasant stay in the Brezzo online store.

Simplicity as ease of use

In the Brezzo online store, the user interface is so convenient that the purchase of goods takes two clicks, regardless of whether it is a phone, tablet or laptop. First of all, it allows moms to save time on shopping.

Unique baby design

Which clearly shows the buyer all the beauty and quality of baby diapers Brezzo. By clicking on the icon, mother immediately sees all the features of the diapers Brezzo. And scrolls to the right and left help to reduce the number of scrolls to the bottom.

Result as efficiency

We have created an online store with a unique and at the same time simple design. The pages of the store reflect the essence of the Brezzo brand. An user-friendly interface is available. Two-click ordering and page speed make this site sophisticated and unsurpassed.

To see website click here

Feedback that is noteworthy

We are very pleased to work with Graphicoms, they have exceeded all our expectations!

Svitlana Karnoza



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