Design Catalog of Pavement Tiles

Goal to be achieved

Unilux is a well-known brand that manufactures high-quality pavement tiles for use in various public spaces such as sidewalks, pathways, plazas, and other public areas. One of the crucial steps in successful marketing of the product is establishing communication with consumers, which includes presenting the products in a vibrant and appealing catalog.

The goal of designing the Unilux pavement tile catalog by the creative agency Graphicoms is to create an attractive, effective, and functional tool for showcasing the brand's products.

World of Pavement Tiles

The catalog design is developed with user convenience in mind, featuring an intuitive interface that allows for quick access to relevant information and making informed choices. It incorporates elements of the Unilux brand's corporate style, such as the logo, color palette, fonts, and other visual elements, which help to reinforce brand recognition among competitors. It includes detailed product photographs, technical specifications, descriptions, and other necessary information that assists customers in making informed decisions. The catalog has a high level of aesthetics, utilizing attractive colors, graphics, and compositional solutions to create an impactful appearance and generate interest among customers.

Result as efficiency

The design of the Unilux pavement tile catalog by Graphicoms is a combination of sophistication and functionality in one product, which is sure to captivate you with its beauty and user-friendliness.

Feedback that is noteworthy

We are impressed with the design of the Unilux pavement tile catalog and confident that this catalog will be a powerful tool for our company in presenting our products to our clients. Many thanks to the Graphicoms team for their talent, professionalism, and creative approach to the project!

Svitlana Karnoza

Commercial Director


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