Corporate website Unigran

Goal to be achieved

Develop a corporate website for Ukraine's leading mining company Unigran. The website should be easy, accessible and using corporate identity.

Video as a demonstration

We decided to convey all the strength and power of the company through the video series. Hours of video were shot and short videos were made, which clearly demonstrate the essence of Unigran.

A corporate site grid was developed, which like tiles (paving tiles - one of the main products of the company) clearly provides information to the customer.

Quality confirmed by experience

The history of the company Unigran, its accomplishments and achievements, and there is that experience which does it one of the best in the market of sale of rubble, paving tiles, granite paving stones, explosives and sand mining.

Therefore, it was very important to show the development of the company.

Result as efficiency

Modern Website Unigran which demonstrates that the company does not stop and constantly moving forward.

To see website click here

Feedback that is noteworthy

Very stylish, modern, bright!

Sergii Dinyak



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