Corporate identity Altus Legal

Goal to be achieved

Create corporate identity for The Altus Legal Law Firm.

Altus Legal is a team of professionals who are ready to provide legal assistance in all situations. Uniting lawyers with over 15 years of experience, Altus Legal represents the interests of clients in commercial, civil, criminal and administrative cases.

Stability of legal decisions

It was very important to include into the corporate style: uncompromisingness, purposefulness, individuality.

Because Altus Legal Lawyers uncompromisingly defend Clients' interests during pre-trial investigations in 24/7 mode, as well as develop individual real-life strategic plans to get out of any difficult situation.

Elegance legal case

Elegance is what sets Altus Legal corporate style apart from other law firms.

Result as efficiency

Unusual corporate colors. Letter game. Exquisite elegance and unsurpassed professionalism.

This all is a corporate style for Altus Legal.

Feedback that is noteworthy

Unsurpassed feelings from working with Graphicoms. Very pleased with the results.

Roksolyana Gera

head of

Altus Legal

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