Branding Ossoyo

Goal to be achieved

Create a strong, stylish and modern brand for a trading company operating in the agricultural sector in modern Ukrainian and foreign markets. Develop a unique naming for the company, thus distinguishing it from other market participants. In addition, create a slogan that would embody the full power of the brand.

The brand must have a high degree of trust and respect among potential customers and partners of the company.

Ossoyo - quality and respect

We came up with a unique name for a trading company - Ossoyo - the very embodiment of reliability and trust. This name is unique for search engines and social networks.

Quality and respect is a slogan that identifies a brand with a high degree of trust.

The whole brand was given the so-called agrarian colors - bright, modern, those that are engraved in the memory.

Logo as a degree of trust

The Ossoyo brand logo has quite simple concepts - the main cereals of the agricultural sector and a smile that is trustworthy. All this together represents Ossoyo as a company that helps to find the most profitable solutions for every customer who turns to it.

Result as efficiency

Seamless work and unsurpassed solutions. Unique naming and color solutions for an agro-trading company.

All this makes the Ossoyo brand recognizable in the Ukrainian and international market of trading services.

Feedback that is noteworthy

Our company is very pleased with the solutions provided by the creative agency Graphicoms. They fully justified our advances.


assistant of director


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