Branding Alfa Security

Goal to be achieved

Creating a brand for Alfa Security that would show a company that creates security and reliability for its customers.

Alfa Security is a reliable security company that provides professional security services.

Your safety is our priority

The company's slogan, which we developed to embody the image of a reliable and professional brand with a customer-oriented approach to business.

Reliability above all

The simplicity and conciseness of the brand gives the brand a high degree of confidence in reliability as a partner for customers.

Result as efficiency

The whole essence of the Alfa Safety brand is embedded in the slogan and logo. The identity is made in contrasting red and black colors for better recognition.

The embodiment of reliability among the prism of the logo has lived up to our expectations for the success of the brand.

Feedback that is noteworthy

Everything is done clearly so without further ado.



Alpha Security

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