Brand of pavement tile Unilux

Goal to be achieved

The company Unigran approached our agency with the task of developing and introducing a brand of pavement tiles to the market.

The purpose of creating the brand was to separate the large direction of the Unigran group of companies and embody it in a single, cohesive unit that would clearly represent Unigran pavement tiles on the Ukrainian market.

Our goal was to create a light and modern image that inspires trust in the high quality of the product.

Unique and exquisite

The brand name - Unilux, was developed by our agency and embodies the idea of uniqueness and luxury. The combination of the words "Unique" and "Luxury" helps to reflect all the prestige and elegance of our pavement tiles, which are truly unique and exquisitely sophisticated.

Our products always impress with their unparalleled beauty, unfolding before the eyes of our clients, illuminating every home and city with their light. And this image is reflected in our logo, where the symbol of the sun and pavement tiles merged into one, to embody all the timeless beauty and reliability that we strive to provide to our customers.

National brand of pavement tiles

We have developed two market entry concepts targeting different audiences:

B2B - Our goal is to demonstrate how Unilux can help create comfort and prosperity around you through the use of our pavement tiles for paths in the city, residential complexes, gardens, roads, and other areas.

B2C - Our goal is to show that Unilux is what you have always dreamed of as a material for your paths and driveways. Our pavement tiles combine desired design and high quality, and you may not know it yet, but this is exactly what you have always wanted.

Result as efficiency

Creating a brand for pavement tiles was a complex and creative process that required a lot of effort and energy from us, as well as careful analysis of the market and competitors. But as a result, our team developed the perfect brand - Unilux.

We take pride in our work and believe that Unilux pavement tiles will not only be a practical solution for creating roads and walkways, but also a true work of art that will beautify any space and be remembered for years to come.

Feedback that is noteworthy

I am very pleased with the results of our collaboration with Graphicoms Creative Agency on creating the Unilux brand for our pavement tiles. The process was very professional and efficient, and the agency team demonstrated a high level of creativity, experience, and expertise in the field of marketing and branding.

Thank you to the Graphicoms team for their professional approach and impressive work results.

Sergiy Dinyak


Unigran group of companies

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