Baby diapers packing

Goal to be achieved

Packaging design for baby diapers and diapers themselves for the Brezzo brand.

Since Brezzo positions itself as a national brand of premium baby diapers, the design must be appropriate. National, colorful, modern, recognizable.

Trypillia culture

In the design of packaging and diapers, we laid the symbols of Trypillia culture - the sun, water, fertility and energy of life.

National colors have become the main design. And the diapers themselves took as a basis the color of the sea breeze to reflect the brand name Brezzo.

Packages of different sizes were divided among themselves by additional shades.

Our hero is our baby

When developing characters for the design of baby diapers, we were inspired by fairy tales from our childhood that our mothers read to us. Therefore, it was not difficult to convey all the warmth and kindness in the design to make the baby look stylish and pretty in diapers from the brand Brezzo.

We chose a little chicken as the main character. Like a baby, our character grows and meets friends during his growth. This is clearly reflected in the size of the diapers. Each size has a chicken of the appropriate age and friends around it. Doesn't it look nice?

Result as efficiency

The baby segment is incredibly complex. The competition is unreal. But demand decides everything.

National, colorful and fabulous. This has definitely not happened before. Therefore, we have faith in the success of the Brezzo brand on the Ukrainian market and beyond.

Feedback that is noteworthy

Very nice and stylish. Graphicoms took all our wishes into account when developing the design.

Svitlana Karnoza

director Brezzo

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