Baby diapers brand Brezzo

Goal to be achieved

Creating a brand of baby diapers Brezzo for the company Brizzo.

Brezzo is a national brand of premium baby diapers.

It should embody harmony, innovation, confidence and purposefulness, as Brezzo cares about the baby from birth.

Diaper – the first baby clothes

Because our diapers are as tender as a mother's embrace, weightless as clouds and pleasant to the touch as a fresh sea breeze, this is the first thing a baby should wear in his life. After all, what else could be a baby's dress code in the first years of his life, if not Brezzo diapers?

The most important thing in a person's life is love and harmony. Therefore, the logo combined natural harmony, the freshness of the sea breeze and the warmth of the morning sun. And the slogan - a touch of harmony - is a mirror image of the logo.

We care about the most precious

Safety, premium quality, innovation and care for the environment - all this is manifested not only in the manufacture of diapers, but also in the social networks Facebook and Instagram. For digital promotion, our copywriters and SMM team have developed a special grid of posts and stories on various topics using the delicate colors that were created for Brezzo.

Result as efficiency

It's always hard to be the first in something. However, being the first national brand of baby diapers is worth the extra effort. We are not saying that the development of identity for Brezzo is over, no, this brand is not standing still, but is constantly improving and progressing. But the foundation that has been laid is the basis for further development.

Feedback that is noteworthy

Everything is simple and of high quality. Very satisfied with the work done.

Svitlana Karnoza

director Brezzo

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