Rebranding AGPU

Goal to be achieved

Rebranding for the Association of gas producers of Ukraine. Carry it out with minimalist losses, but make the association more pronounced in forums, conferences and social networks.

With only one exception, do not change the logo itself, as it is a registered trademark.

AGPU is the largest association of domestic gas producers companies, which includes: Ukrgazvydobuvannya, DTEK Naftogaz, Ukrnaftoburinnya, Burisma Group, Smart Energy, Poltava Gas and Oil Company, Geo Alliance Group and Kub-Gas.

One voice of the industry

Given the new slogan of the association, focus is on the fact that it unites national companies. It's as if he gathers everyone at round tables and solves urgent issues.

Therefore, we introduced two circles in the rebranding: yellow - the national color, and blue - the color of the members of the association. They intersect with each other emphasizing the common interests of companies and the country.

By adding a dark blue color as the main color, we made the Association of gas producers of Ukraine more expressive and bright.

Game of colors

By adding auxiliary colors, we designed a new kind of quarterly digest, which was divided into colors by seasons.

And yet, we developed a kind of posts for the social network Facebook and designed the page of the association.

Result as efficiency

Effective use of a new range of colors allows to immediately draw attention to the association at forums, conferences and various meetings.

The new face of the AGPU brand looks more modern and trendy.

Feedback that is noteworthy

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