Rebranding for Dervus Modular Construction

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Recently, modular construction is experiencing a real boom in Europe. The number of orders increases, which automatically leads to increased sales.

Taking this into account and the conducted business analysis of modern modular construction, the Dervus company, which operates in the B2B segment, decided to seriously approach the renewal of its brand, turning to our creative agency with the task of a full-scale rebranding of the company.

The new look of the corporate identity of Dervus should meet all the requirements of a modern, simple and at the same time comfortable modular design. German restraint, Austrian calmness, Swiss equanimity and Ukrainian diligence should be combined in the new, modern identity of the company.

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First on the B2B market

To be the first in the B2B market of modular construction not only in Europe, but also in the whole world - these are the goals of the Dervus company. Therefore, it was very important to convey the company's ambitions everywhere in the logo and identity, respectively.

The company decided to completely change its corporate colors in order to meet modern global design standards and taking into account the increase in orders from Western Europe (Norway, Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Orange and brown were replaced by more austere red and black.

Modular Construction

Our research has shown that on the European market of modular construction, many companies in the B2B segment, which is almost 90%, have weak branding and corporate identity. Of that 90%, approximately 80% have essentially the same elements in the logo or identity. Also, it was not a problem to strongly distinguish Dervus among its competitors, but where there were difficulties, it was to distinguish Dervus itself as a unique and modern company in the market of modular construction.

Ergebnis als Effizienz

Based on the square, as the main element of modular construction, we combined it with Dervus' goal - to become the number one in the field of modular construction for the B2B segment. Modules

By combining simplicity, comfort and elegance in the company's new corporate identity, we got a modern brand of modular construction :)

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The logo and style turned out cool.

Mykhailo Doroshenko



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