Marketing für Brezzo Babywindeln

The problem you need to fix

In fact, the complete absence of online sales of goods in the online store (via Facebook and Instagram) with the current budget for advertising - 2 sales per month.

In fact, there is no complete registration of clients in the Brezzo Club - 1 registration per month.

The task to be solved

First, significantly increase sales of goods through the online store, through 2 available channels, within the allocated budget for the New Year holidays (mid-December 2020-mid-January 2021).

Secondly, increase the number of new registrations in the Brezzo Club (the club of regular customers, with discounts).

Solutions that have solved the problem
  • conducted UI / UX site audit
  • conducted a business analysis of the product and its main competitors online
  • audited advertising campaigns (creatives, audiences, optimization)
  • created a new strategy for the sale of goods through 2 existing channels
  • conducted UI / UX site optimization within the budget
  • new payment gateway connected (payment processing service)
  • connecting new ways of delivering goods to customers through intermediaries
  • set to "0", launched and optimized advertising campaigns
Result as efficiency

In the first month, 250 EUR was spent on advertising.

The number of sales during the reporting period amounted to 67 packages of various formats for a total of 1300 EUR.

The number of new registrations for the reporting period was 58 people.

Feedback that is noteworthy

We didn't even expect such a quick result. We hope it will be even better!

Svitlana Karnoza



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