Brand - from creation to devastation

How Rebranding can destroy Brand

What is Brand?

The question is relevant. You will find many formulations of the meaning of Brand, but everyone understands it on its own.

However, we think, that only one interpretation is correct. The brand is what brings money to you.

It can be expressed in a product, service, company, even in a country. However, if it does not combine quality, price, design, target audience, philosophy. It can not make money, and it can not be Brand.

History knows many successful brands that have all these necessary combinations: Apple, Microsoft, Google, Mercedes, Audi, Nike, New Balance, we can count to infinity. But in our article we are talking about Rebranding.

What is Rebranding and with what is it eating?

There is such a unwritten rule - make rebranding every 5-10 years. But given the current trends and the speed of the transfer of information, this figure is already rounded up to 5 years.

What exactly Rebranding is?

The answer is simple enough - to show the buyer that time did not stop, that company, product, service is not stay at one place and constantly evolving.
Rebranding itself - it's like a fresh breath of air after the midday heat, gives you an opportunity to look at everything in new ways, add new investments and increase profits. But all this is possible if you did not destroy your Brand during Rebranding!

How to destroy an existing Brand?

Many customers say that the development and creation of the Brand - is not so important, they also add that - we will rebuild everything by making Rebranding. They are wrong)))

In Rebranding as well as in the creation of Brand invested a lot of strength and knowledge. Therefore, if from the very beginning you did not create a successful Brand, then you should not invest in Rebranding.

The main and non-cracking Rebranding rule - it must be minimalist and at the same time give Brand a new breath. So to say, give new strength to new accomplishments. Good examples of rebranding you can see in: Apple, Google, BMW, Audi, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Xerox.

Because if you make 100% Rebranding - destroying the brand, the loss of consumer audience is an inevitable process. Brands that almost destroyed themselves: Gap, BP, Tropicana. But in Ukraine the most striking example of how to destroy your brand is mineral water - Bon Aqua.

So before making Rebranding, evaluate the cost, consider all the pros and cons, and most importantly - think about how not to lose your audience (you may find newone, but you lose a lot more).

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